Benefits of Using Hard Money for Investment Properties and Flipping Homes

Do you ever wonder how top real estate investors can afford to buy flip properties while still having more money in their bank? – One of the answers that helps you leverage funding for investment properties is Hard Money Loans. With those, you can have a trust deed secured by real property equity collateral so you can more easily afford to buy that next real estate property which could turn out a substantial return. ​One other advantage is that Hard Money is a short-term, asset-based loan that’s very suitable for investment and flip homes unlike conventional loans that are much slower to process, require more qualifications, strict guidelines and just more bureaucracy.

Normally, if you do wind up using private investors, there are many more advantages over using conventional banks – especially if you need faster cash for investment properties (both owner and non-owner occupied) OR business-purpose loans.  
Such private money trust deeds are mainly powered by individual private investors who would have the same interest as you to have a secure investment with a mutual cash-out exit strategy. Those can also be private money wholesale lenders who would be able to help you with funding leverage for projects like: Land / Construction, Fix and Flip, Investment & Income-Generating Properties, Multi-Family unites as well as Renovation and Commercial Properties, Purchase Loans and Acquisitions. 

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