Privacy Policy

Privacy & Security Policy: The entire website was designed with a minimal information required from the user or applicant input. Everything was intentionally developed with a premise to safeguard sensitive data from being compromised. To try to protect against data breach or website abuse, we have monitoring systems and inner CRMs with advanced security features. Our website domain is also equipped with a standard SSL certificate on every page, which does provide extra layers of web protection and data encryption while browsing & filling out contact forms. After sending us your contact form via this website or by calling directly our phone # displayed on this site, you willfully agree on sharing with us the information you provided. 

Some of your basic information will only be used to give you relevant updates and announcements from our company and NOT from the affiliate networks unless you CHOOSE to become part of those networks by working with those companies or individuals. You do have the right opt out from any of our mailings or solicitations by contacting us directly.

By being part of our network and/or contacting us for certain solutions, we are within our reasonable scope to contact relevant companies or local affiliates who’d be able to assist on a more specialized basis. In this regard, we would have to pass on your contact info so that those specialized companies and/or affiliates could provide further support to answer your questions. 

At FIXVEST, we reserve the right to BLOCK, DELETE, DENY, REPORT, IGNORE anyone who is sending us false or deceptive/misleading information along with spam emails. We intend to verify and screen for certain suspicious phone #s, emails, names, links and countries. Our system is largely based on local TRUSTED networks that enable our trusted affiliates to freely share opportunities and/or information they themselves permit to be shared. Emails and Newsletters: for those who receive emails and/or newsletters from us, we have an easy unsubscribe function at the end of each newsletter. 

For individual (prospecting) emails, you have the option of directly telling us to remove you from the prospects/clients list. We do NOT sell NOR lease out your information to other companies and thus practice reasonable scrutiny over the protection of your contact information and data. We use emails and newsletters mainly for informational & educational or business-development purposes that entail mutual value in creating such relations.

By joining herein on this website, you (as an Investor / Prospect) agree to the terms of use of this website and you implicitly give us permission to contact you and to give you an investor profile on this secure website. You will always have an option to opt-in / opt-out from certain communications or you may request to not have a profile on this website by emailing us directly to

This website uses necessary / helpful Cookies (aka: browser savers & trackers) – such browser cookies aid in proper functionality of our website features like the search queries and user profile logins / settings and dashboard features & functions along with guest & client profile favorites feature memory settings to remember which properties/content our Users save in favorites . Essentially, these browser cookies are intended to maintain and improve user experience without violating nor compromising sensitive information based on user privacy guidelines.

By sending you a direct / individual email OR a newsletter, Fixvest and ANY of its affiliate companies would NOT be forming an agency relation with you and any of your partners/clients & affiliates. Furthermore, we do NOT assume any client representation (whether express or implied) out of email communications where there is no signing of any agreement contacts and without those types of representation disclosures thereof. As for certain types of automated updates & alerts, you as a User and/or Client has the option to Opt in or Opt Out from those updates/alerts and communications you wish or do not wish to receive. In the event of not being able to use such opt in / opt out systems, you are advised to reach the Fixvest staff directly by calling the phone # displayed on the website OR by sending a direct email displayed on our Fixvest website.

NOTE: our FIXVEST website is currently undergoing renovation / upgrades / maintenance and updates. Upon seeing anything out-dated or less accurate, we do not take any responsibility for such content as it’s being currently updated. If this occurs, you (as a User/Prospect / Client) would be encouraged to contact our support directly for any clarifications and justifications of such matters. Out of consideration, we make it simple for you to reach us by displaying the contact info at the footer herein and the top header as well as the contact page with the contact form and other various pages with contact/request forms that are properly and securely linked to our @company email inboxes. Given that we value our clients and service, we uphold high ethical standards of honesty, transparency and dedication.

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