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Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades

Upgrade your Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring + Other Home & Office Improvements for best interior & exterior design.

Among the best value solutions we can offer via Fixvest is to upgrade your home or office so you can have that sense of comfort and aesthetics along with the higher increased value of your property that would be eventually very desirable for a higher resale value. This is what makes real estate such a great investment when it comes to smart upgrades.

Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades

Bathroom Remodeling and Design Upgrades to Boost Property Value and Resale Appeal

Most of the bathroom styles to choose from will be rather contemporary and elegant while you’ll also have a choice to add certain style elements of your own. We work with a remodeling company that’s passionate about providing outstanding designs and high quality materials. We take pride in our work by giving our customers a truly professional outcome.

Floor Remodeling Upgrades

Best Flooring Upgrades & Remodels – Modern Styles – Get Matched up with a Great Remodeling Company

Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns – whether it’s tile, laminate or wood – you’ll find something that will perfectly match the design of your home or office. We carefully study our clientโ€™s flooring work requirements and budget, and then begin the creative design process followed by careful construction.

ADU / Room Additions

Explore NEW “Build and Flip” Opportunities with ADU Incentives and Room Additions Adding MORE Value!

Nowadays there even more incentives to create ADUs and Room Additions since there certain programs that allow for GRANTS and Affordable Homes programs that allow for free credits & funds to build Accessory Dwelling Units. In particular, it would also tremendously increase the value of the property based on adding more square feet of livable / usable space.ย 

Solar Energy Upgrades

Energy Savings + Modern Appeal + Higher Resale Value and Real Estate Investing with “Boost & Flip”

It is becoming even more important to switch to independent renewable energy that’s not susceptible to blackouts / grid disruptions and unpredictable high electric bills. It’s one of the best new modern ways to BOOST property VALUE and Eco-Efficiency of the home while also benefiting from tax & credit incentives of using clean energy!

full Home Construction

There is always a need for construction projects to create more housing inventory and to provide land investing opportunities.ย 

Work with the best affordable home builders in the area. Ground up land construction projects + anything ranging from roofing to room additions, ADUs / extra floors, balconies & garage and driveway construction. With the shortage of housing inventory, we can help create more homes on the market while also making them affordable to buy or to build & flip!

Eco-Landscape Upgrades

Improve the outside look by upgrading your landscape with a high quality artificial grass, clean-up, lights & decor! 

Whether you need a simple upgrade for yard work or if you need a new lawn installation, we can refer you to a company that has the best realistic artificial grass that’s Eco-Friendly / Pet-Friendly and Low Maintenance! We also have contacts for gardening improvements, flowering, trimming and clean-up maintenance – all of which will help INCREASE resale value!

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