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Company Structure: FIXVEST is a new type of property listings database website built on a concept of being a localized Investment Properties Syndicator website for Investors & Homeowners, Agents / Brokers, Builders / Remodelers and anyone looking for Affordable Homes. It’s important to note that Fixvest does NOT provide certain services directly to the public but rather works with local affiliate licensed companies, specialists and brokers who provide such solutions as real estate brokerage (buying and selling), remodeling and upgrades and construction, opportunities for real estate investors, private money lending & other funding solutions as well as mortgage marketing and trusted referrals via affiliate marketing systems. Affiliate companies that we work with are properly licensed and are reputable. FIXVEST is NOT a direct lender and NOT a mortgage company NOR a finance company. Our company rather helps to form a trusted referral network while helping with marketing & IT solutions for business development & website/tech support. More specifically, we work with among the best affiliate companies that are properly licensed and have valid sources of reliable funding. Furthermore, Fixvest is not responsible for any financial decisions that you make as a borrower or a business / broker or as an investor. Company/network FIXVEST is rather a Syndicate that’s neutrally independent. In the event of an issue, please contact individual service providers (those separate trusted companies / individuals) who were providing the actual service / solution so they can try to resolve it with you directly and NOT with the FIXVEST referral network management. By being referred OR referring via FIXVEST and its network affiliates and managers, you agree to hold FIXVEST and all its affiliates harmless of any damages that result out of you and/or your company incurring losses due to your or someone else’s misinformation, accidents/mistakes or negligence.Β 

Affiliate Finance Sector: FIXVEST and its affiliate real estate investing sector are NOT financial services NOR a financial advisor NOR a finance broker. Thus, if you deem it necessary, you are advised to consult with a financial or legal advisor of your own before making any major decisions. Fixvest referral website/network is in no way responsible for any of under-informed or misinformed decisions that you make as an investor. Conversely, we try to provide you with the best level of attention and common courtesy based on honest professionalism. By contacting us, there is no fiduciary obligation on our part to owe anyone any services and neither it forms any sort of an agency relation. Such arrangements would have to be stipulated in writing and approved by those affiliate companies and/or individuals that are providing these direct services. Every part of free consultation is provided on a “bono fide” basis (in good faith) without any implication to buy the actual services/solutions. We shall not be responsible for any deals you bring for which there was no direct agreement to perform contracts (neither express nor implied).

Privacy & Security Policy: The entire website was designed with a minimal information required from the user or applicant input. Everything was intentionally developed with a premise to safeguard sensitive data from being compromised. To try to protect against data breach or website abuse, we have monitoring systems and inner CRMs with advanced security features. Our website domain is also equipped with a standard SSL certificate on every page, which does provide extra layers of web protection and data encryption while browsing & filling out contact forms. After sending us your contact form via this website or by calling directly our phone # displayed on this site, you willfully agree on sharing with us the information you provided. Some of your basic information will only be used to give you relevant updates and announcements from our company and NOT from the affiliate networks unless you CHOOSE to become part of those networks by working with those companies or individuals.Β 

You do have the right opt out from any of our mailings or solicitations by contacting us directly. By being part of our network and/or contacting us for certain solutions, we are within our reasonable scope to contact relevant companies or local affiliates who’d be able to assist on a more specialized basis. In this regard, we would have to pass on your contact info so that those specialized companies and/or affiliates could provide further support to answer your questions. At FIXVEST, we reserve the right to BLOCK, DELETE, DENY, REPORT, IGNORE anyone who is sending us false or deceptive/misleading information along with spam emails. We intend to verify and screen for certain suspicious phone #s, emails, names, links and countries.Β 

Our system is largely based on local TRUSTED networks that enable our trusted affiliates to freely share opportunities and/or information they themselves permit to be shared. Emails and Newsletters: for those who receive emails and/or newsletters from us, we have an easy unsubscribe function at the end of each newsletter. For individual (prospecting) emails, you have the option of directly telling us to remove you from the prospects/clients list. We do NOT sell NOR lease out your information to other companies and thus practice reasonable scrutiny over the protection of your contact information and data. We use emails and newsletters mainly for informational & educational or business-development purposes that entail mutual value in creating such relations. By sending you a direct / individual email OR a newsletter, Fixvest and ANY of its affiliate companies would NOT be forming an agency relation with you and any of your partners/clients & affiliates.Β 

This website uses necessary / helpful Cookies (aka: browser savers & trackers) – such browser cookies aid in proper functionality of our website features like the search queries and user profile logins / settings and dashboard features & functions along withΒ guest & client profile favorites feature memory settings to remember which properties/content our Users save in favoritesΒ . Essentially, these browser cookies are intended to maintain and improve user experience without violating nor compromising sensitive information based on user privacy guidelines.Β 

Furthermore, we do NOT assume any client representation (whether express or implied) out of email communications where there is no signing of any agreement contacts and without those types of representation disclosures thereof. As for certain types of automated updates & alerts, you as a User and/or Client who the option to Opt in or Opt Out from those updates/alerts and communications you wish or do not wish to receive. In the event of not being able to use such opt in / opt out systems, you are advised to reach the Fixvest staff directly by calling the phone # displayed on the website OR by sending a direct email displayed on our Fixvest website.Β 

By joining herein on this website, you (as an Investor / Prospect) agree to the terms of use of this website and you implicitly give us permission to contact you and to give you an investor profile on this secure website. You will always have an option to opt-in / opt-out from certain communications or you may request to not have a profile on this website by emailing us directly toΒ info@fixvest.com

Service Providers & Suppliers: Fixvest and any of its partners/affiliates and co-founders will NOT be responsible for ANY of the services / products, installations, constructions, renovations and advice & assistance provided by those separate licensed companies and/or individuals who are providing such services directly to customers. Company/Syndicate Fixvest is merely an affiliate referral network of related industries and other multiple companies that are soly responsible for drafting their own invoices/quotes, terms and agreements that they propose and bind with the client with or without our knowledge. Consequently, if any of those affiliate/separate companies were to fail to provide such services or if it is not the desired quality/outcome or if there is any degree of negligence/under-performance or non-performance of contract on their part, you MUST consult and resolve the issue with those companies directly without involving Fixvest and it’s management and workers. Under more complex circumstances, you are advised to consult with a licensed attorney who specializes in your matters so they can properly assist you on the best course of action. On our side, we ask that you maintain open communications with the companies/affiliates that you are dealing with and be flexible and patient and considerate with an upfront and honest attitude enabling the full disclosure of those matters that you need help with. Ultimately, we can only try to point you in the right direction in good faith out of no obligation in order to give you the care and attention within our limited scope of neutral advice. Contact Forms & Communications Disclaimer: Before you submit these contact/request forms, please make sure the information you submit is very accurate and that you have a genuine intent to seek help with your real estate needs without falsifying anything. By submitting contact forms or sending us an email on this site OR calling us directly, it does NOT in any way form any Agent-to-Principle relations until stated further in writing with the consent & disclosures from all parties AND with the direct or ostensible authority / permission from the trusted affiliated real estate brokerage that would indicate and/or approve such arrangements of representation under contracts. After receiving your information form, FIXVEST has no fiduciary obligation to fulfill your request and thus has the right to disqualify prospects based on fair merit-validity of the request within the scope of our online services/information & technologies capabilities. This and many other pages on this site are meant to inform and educate you generally about the options you have as a User/Prospect WITHOUT acting like a Broker of choice nor an agency. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change our User/Client guidelines without prior notice. Ultimately, it is your sole responsibility to get familiarized and to keep up with updates, services & solutions on the fixvest.com website. However, from time to time, we do make a reasonable accommodation effort to inform certain good / loyal / existing clients about the new updates and upgrades that would pertain to Clients & Affiliates deriving more value/benefits from working with FIXVEST tools, contacts and resources.Β 

As User/Prospect or Client, it is also your responsibility to read our terms of use and guidelines or any specifications and disclaimers stated herein on this website. Adversely, you (as a user) have the right not to use our website systems & tools if you were to disagree with our guidelines terms or if you are not satisfied for any reason, we shall take it into consideration without any unjust due compensation and without performing contacts/agreements that could be terminated at will at our discretion if there was an implied / non-express agreement. Having this page with contact forms and having users submit information, FIXVEST / IT admin support are NOT any way conducting any direct “brokering” on behalf of clients to represent since Admin Support is also monitoring for spammers, scammers AND solicitors AND unqualified prospects. Thus, this website landing page is simply a helpful screening tool for the administrative support to be able to focus on assisting serious clients to be passed onto an Investor, Acquisitions, Buyer, Builder / Remodeler, Developer, Installer or licensed Agent or Brokerage. Our system also screens for affordability qualifications / budget solvency, type of property and condition, square foot size, location, full name/owner & phone # verifications, name/reputation/trustworthiness or reviews & other reasonable pre-qualifications criteria to justify doing business with a REAL potential client who can be realistically AND legally assisted – all compliant with Fair Housing guidelines. The action of using our web systems and contact forms and/or calling the displayed support phone number indicates that you should abide by our terms of use / privacy policy / disclosures & disclaimers. Anyone using this website or doing business/communicating with us MUST accept and realize that we shall NOT be liable for ANY poor real estate decisions you OR any of your affiliates/contacts make which would result in suffering a loss (whether financial / monetary, real property or personal things & moral/sentimental loss) – In such a case, you agree to hold FIXVEST and ALL of its affiliates & partners HARMLESS of all damages.Β 

Lastly, once you (as a User/Prospect/Client) decide to conduct business with us while still using our website systems & online tools, you thereby exemplify that you have read and understood our fair terms of service & policies.Β 

NOTE: our FIXVEST website is currently undergoing renovation / upgrades / maintenance and updates. Upon seeing anything out-dated or less accurate, we do not take any responsibility for such content as it’s being currently updated. If this occurs, you (as a User/Prospect / Client) would be encouraged to contact our support directly for any clarifications and justifications of such matters. Out of consideration, we make it simple for you to reach us by displaying the contact info at the footer herein and the top header as well as the contact page with the contact form and other various pages with contact/request forms that are properly and securely linked to our @company email inboxes. Given that we value our clients and service, we uphold high ethical standards of honesty, transparency and dedication.

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